Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Week in the Life of a Wife, Student, Nanny

Romans Class 11-11:50.Then home to make and have lunch with my hubby. Decided to take a cut in my two afternoon classes to relax and spend time with Andrew before we had to work. I left at 3:15...then a 45 minute bus ride, complete with an I-Pod, and some reading material. I got to work right on time to spend the evening with my favorite girly girls Alicia and Allison. We pumpkin-carved and got ready for the weekend's Halloween activities. When I got home at about 10, I occupied myself by hanging out in Stars Hallow with Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, while Andrew was having some "man-time" on his old floor.

I got up, hung out, made some lunch and then Andrew had to leave for work. I then showered, cleaned up and left for work myself. The plan: trick or treating!! Alicia was Fleicity (the American Girl character not TV show), and Allison was a Candy corn. Too fun! Their parents were gone for most of the night. So what did we do? First, put on Mary Poppins and made dinner. Pot Roast (from the freezer), mashed potatoes (from a box), stuffing (from a box), broccoli and cranberry sauce, YUM! We then had a tea party and watched Cinderella, (which I loved as much as the girls).

Andrew had to work, so no church for us. We did get to have a quick 3 month anniversary date at Chili's, (YUM!!!)We got back in time for Andrew to change and run to work. After he left, I got changed and hunkered down to homework.  After working for a few more hours, I wanted to die. Terribly long, confusing paper. I heated leftovers for dinner and then had my ex-Roomie Sarah over for some homework. So we were homeworking, and remember, me dying a slow death by this paper. So I worked on it and somehow let myself consider the possibility of NOT doing the paper. This.was.a.BAD.idea.By the time Andrew got home from work, I was convinced that I needed to "drop" the class. This meant taking an F. Did I say bad idea already?? Cause it was a VERY bad idea. SO I was a mess. Sleep deprived, bawling, hating school, and miserable! It was not a fun night in the Swed household.

Monday: Classes Romans, Message Preparation for Women (listening to Sermons), and then my last class was canceled. So I went home and got a few things done (clean up a little, make out the check for Rent, etc) Then I went to catch the bus for work. While I was on my way,  I realized, after having some sleep the night before, that I had made a VERY bad decision about my class. So I was thinking about it all day, and decided to rough through my paper the next day.

Tuesday: The day of death, by papers. First of all, I had to write a book review. Not a huge deal, but annoying just the same. So I met my wonderful husband at the dungeon (Library), put on Pandora, and got to work. Got my first paper done by 6. We then went home for dinner and a break. We were back to the library by 7:30 and starting back on my huge exegetical paper of death. I looked through lots of scary books, joked around with my hubby on Skype chat, and was in the "dungeon" until about midnight when it closed. We went home to keep working. Meanwhile, after more Pandora and scary books, at 3:30 my paper was done. It was 1.5 pages short, but it was done. Andrew stayed up to, mostly because he couldn't sleep.

Wednesday: In the wee hours of the morning, after finishing my paper, I flopped into bed and slept. My very sweet honey woke me up before he left for class, and told me to get some more sleep and not worry about getting up for chapel. He also texted me to wake me up to make sure I woke up and got ready for my class to turn in my paper. So I got to class, sat through it, and turned in my paper, while apologizing to my prof. He was gracious and wonderful, and is going to try to get me some kind of extra credit assignment,again he is wonderful.
I went home to make lunch and eat with Andrew. Then I went to my 1 o clock class, and met with my prof afterwords just to talk. (She is an amazingly wise woman) Then I went home and relaxed a little, talked to a couple of the girls from youth group, study for my test in my night class, make dinner and go to class. In class, I just had to hand in my paper, take the test, and go, happppy! I got home and Andrew went to his night class, after finishing his paper. While I was waiting for him to get home, I had some really refreshing and just awesome time with God. I also cleaned up, and did dishes.
When he got home we still had to work on a little homework. But after about 45 minutes, we were done and got to watch Toy Story 3! hehe SUCH a good movie. Then we finally got some good sleep.

Woke up at 11, watched Gilmore Girls with hubby, and then he made lunch while I got ready for class. I do NOT like my Apologetics class, but it is a requirement, so I get through it. After that, I waited for him on campus and ran into my friend Julie. (really good to see her!) Andrew got to campus and we left for the suburbs to work with the Youth Group, and GET MY HAIRCUT!!! ( I was excited, and so was my hair :) ) So I got my haircut by my mom and made plans with my parents for next Thursday to go out to dinner before Youth Group. After that, we got ourselves to youth group. It was Turkey Bowl. A.K.A COLD!! But it was pretty fun. Got to see the girls and catch up with them in person. We went home (and hour drive is a little annoying but it gives us some good talk time and its worth it), and had some Ramen soup to warm ourselves up before going to sleep.

Well, that's a week in my life. Sorry this was long. I love you all. Buh-bye :)