Friday, December 31, 2010

Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes for the New year...and Blessings from the Last

Blessings in 2010:
*Marriage- July 31st..What a journey it is to discover so much about the one you love, and yourself. Andrew has been such an amazing part of my life and continues to be a healing presence in my life. It has taught both of us so much in the short time we've been married. In 5 months, God can show you so much and grow you in so many areas.
 *Family- Without them, I don't know how Andrew and I could do this. Marriage, school, and work, super insane, but we are so blessed to have wonderfully supportive and amazing families! Not to mention the new family I gained this year. What wonderful people to have surround us with support and love.
*Friends- We would not be where we are without the wonderful people we are blessed to call friends. My girlfriends specifically have just been an amazing blessing in my life. I love you all and appreciate each of our friendships I know Andrew appreciates that I can be completely girly with you guys, so I don't overwhelm him with my giddiness and love of Chick-Flicks/Disney Movies. Not to mention, I am a verbal processor, and one husband can only handle so much :)
*Our Jobs- I am extremely blessed to work for the Berger family. They are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. Being away from my family is hard, but it helps to feel like i am a part of their family. The girls bring so much joy in my life and remind me what simple faith looks like and what true joy does as well.
Andrew and I will both praise the day that he no longer has to work at Jimmy Johns, but we are extremely thankful for it now. Andrew has been blessed to be a shift manager and has also been trusted enough to be the main shift manager at night. He is a hard worker and is very trustworthy, and his boss knows it, which is a ture blessing.
*Our Home- We live in a little apartment Downtown Chicago, and absolutely LOVE it. It's small, but so are we, so it fits us just right. It feels like home. We have so enjoyed just getting to spend time with each other relaxing at our own place. No money spending, no walking in crazy Chicago weather. What a blessing to have a couch to cozy up on and movies to watch. :)
*Ministry-We are working with the Harvest Baptist Youth Group, and its wonderful. It is a weekly reminder of why we are doing what we're doing and that it will all be worth it. The main girls I work with have been growing so much this last year, and I am so proud of them. The whole youth group has seen a lot of growth and change and it is so neat to see God work.

There have been many other little blessings, and God has been so faithful to us in 2010. He is an amazing provider, and it is such a blessing to trust in His sovereignty.

Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes for 2011:
* Graduate: I will, Lord willing, graduate in May, and Andrew will graduate in December. 4 years of college has tested our limits, our faith, and our minds, and has been a great blessing in our lives. With this being said, when I walk across that stage, and get my diploma, I am going to celebrate like I never have. :)
*My Internship- This summer I will be doing my internship that is required for graduation. I am very excited about it! It will be a peek into what my future could hold. As of now, I will most likely be doing this at New Life, and it will be such a great opportunity!
*Grow- In my relationship to the Lord, my marriage, and even my cooking skills. I know the Lord will lead me where he wants me, and that also means some hard times that force growth and change, but i also know that He will be there through everything. Our marriage is new and we have far to go, and its a journey, and it will be an exciting journey ahead. Cooking will come with time and work. I will praise the day when frozen pizza and Mac N' Cheese are no longer staples in our home. Here's to hoping that when I actually have the time, I use it and work hard to expand my cooking skills.

We have no idea where we will be and what we will be doing a year from now. That is scary and exciting. We trust the Lord to lead us, and it will be fun to see where we end up. Thank you all for your support and prayers. We love you!!

P.S. I am going to think and pray these next few days for a verse and a word for 2011. I've seen a lot of people do this, and I think it is a challenging and encouraging thing to do. I'll keep you posted.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Dreams, and Desires for Life after Moody

1. No More Mac N' Cheese, Frozen Pizza, and Chicken Nuggets/Fries as complete staple foods. We have had our fill

2. Learn to Sew

3.Read for Fun (I really love to read and miss doing it for fun)

4. More time, for everything (friends, family,etc.)

5. No More HOMEWORK!!!!!!!! (papers, studying, etc.)

6. No more twitching eye! (when at my most stressed my eye twitches, bleh, no fun)

7. Get really connected to a church (small group, bible study, etc)

Now I will get a taste of some of these things in 13 days, 12 hours and 38 minutes for winter break which will be fabulous!

I really appreciate Moody and the wonderful times, but I am looking forward to the next stage in life