Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Peek Into Our Lives

Dad and Aub :), Christmas Eve (the only picture I took at Christmastime, haha)

Andrew's Fun

And Mine

2 People, have LOTS of laundry

We are in a good habit of doing the dishes after every meal ,but sometimes they pile up

Andrew and his homework had some quality time this day

So did me and my homework

Sometimes, I forget about the mess and stress and relax with a girly show or movie. One of my favorite hobbies :)   

We are truly blessed and I look forward to each day with my husband. Whether ordinary, or not. I am bad at taking pictures, but I am trying to get better at it. SO if you have any suggestions, let me know please!

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  1. My only suggestion for taking photos is to make sure that your card is always empty (import them immediately) and your batteries are always charged. Many times you can be discouraged from taking pictures when the time is right because your camera isn't properly prepped. I like the pictures! Thanks for sharing! You guys have QUITE the DVD collection! =]