Thursday, January 31, 2013


Goals For 2013

So we are ignoring the fact that it is January 31st, and I have already NOT followed through with some of these. While also ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged in forever... Here are my goals for 2013, enjoy!

1. Lose 25 pounds
      I have been doing Weight Watchers (admittedly very on and off) since December 26th, 2011. I have lost 20 pounds in 2012 and I want to keep going. It has been really difficult to keep on track since moving to Georgia and stopping the WW meetings. I have been trying to do it online and on my own since August...and well let's just say...not working. I zero discipline on my own. Meaning zilch. nada. Would eat the entire universe (or at least everything tasty) if left on my own. Now luckily I have kept off most of the weight I lost. So I won't need to start from square one. But that is only by the grace of God. So I really truly commit to this goal. I am going to start going to meetings this Saturday.So I will be updating about this periodically to keep myself in check :)
2. Read 10 books
      Reading has always been something I enjoy so much! College, and the endless numbers of pages and books I was required to read, slightly deterred me from this. By slightly, of course, i mean completely. I have already read one book since the new year. It was called Princess, a story about a Saudi Arabian Princess. Incredibly interesting and heart -wrenching. I absolutely loved it! But probably more on that later. 
3.Spend 30-45 minutes a day reading scripture/ praying
     I hate that this has fallen into a goal rather than just being part of my every day life, but it's necessary. I remember how rich and wonderful it was spending the required half hour in prayer/reading scripture in preparation for the mission trip to El Salvador. I really really need to do this. Life is so much richer when I put the Lord first and spend a good amount of time with Him each day. RIght now I am going through a Beth Moore study on Daniel. It is AWESOME and so is she, of course! (In my completely un-biased, women's ministry major point of view, hehe) 

4.Run 3 times a week (at least 6 miles)
     Alright folks. THIS one, even more than the rest will be my greatest challenge. I am not postive it will happen. BUT if I try, I will at least run a little, right. Hmm...maybe i should put exercise three times a week. Might be a little more realistic. We'll see :) But overall I ma going to attempt to exercise regularly. Absolutely necessary for my overall health, and to accomplish my first goal of weight loss. 

5.Try one new recipe a month
     This one is pretty self-explanatory but I do want to cook more and add more variety. This will hopefully help with my weight loss goals as well. I did better with cooking last year and I want to continue to do so in 2013 :)

6.Read one piece of classic literature
     I have always wanted to read a book my Jane Austen. SO that is my goal. Simple but definitely a challenge. I think I am going to read Emma.

7.Write one letter/card a month
     I want to keep in touch with people better. Especially since moving. And handwritten letters and cards are so much fun to give and receive. I even got some fun rubber owl stamps to decorate with

8.Make 1 phone call to family/friends a week
     Again, I want to be so much better about keeping in touch with everyone. And I am especially bad at making phone calls sometimes. So I definitely want to be better at this. Setting a realistic goal is a good way to go about it and will be a lot of fun!

9.Tithe 10% of my income
     I have wanted to do this for SO long and have never made the commitment officially. So that is my goal. Especially starting a new job, I really do want to make this commitment.
10.Save 10 % of my income
     This is something I really want to do too. My Uncle has always talked about the 10, 10 , 80 plan. To tithe 10% of your income, save 10% and live on 80%. I have listened to his sermons a few times on this and totally am on board and I truly think it is a great way of being a good steward of the Lord's blessings. 

Well,  "that's all there is...there isn't...anymore" :) (bonus points to who can figure out what this line is from...)

Love to you all!


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