Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello All,
     It has been a while since I've updated so I'll try to remember everything to catch you all up. Some happy things going on:

1. Jasmine, our second dog-baby came into our little family! We are now officially crazy dog people, and loving it haha. She is 1 year, 8 months. We kind of have NO idea what type of dog she is, other than adorable, but that's okay with us. We found her at the same shelter that we found Ellie. Ellie kind of picked her our for us, hehe. The shelter was having a special the week of Thanksgiving, and we had already met her a few times, so we made the decisions to add her to our family.She is a sweetheart and is a wonderful friend for Ellie. If it was up to her, she's cuddle up on the couch with us all day, but her sister Ellie will have none of it haha. She'll sit and bark at her until she plays. But they have a lot of fun and love each other so much. :)

2. My mom visiting for Thanksgiving! I was so happy to have my mom visit. She also showed me how to cook Thanksgiving for the first time. And it went off without a hitch! It was just Andrew, me, my mom and Andrew's buddy from work. It was a great time, and very yummy food! I named our little Turkey, Tina Turkey. :) Happy times!

3. Job hunts and finds. I have been working as a part-time nanny for a sweet family for a couple of months now. Two twin almost 2 year olds and their almost 4 year old sister. They are adorable and all very sweet. They might not need me starting in January, so I am starting to look again, so prayers would be greatly appreciated!

4. Andrew's mom, Dave and Sarah coming to visit for Christmas! They're coming Christmas Eve and staying until the 27th. We're super excited to have them!! And can't wait until they get here! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year so it will be so great to have family around.

5. Starting to get involved with Women At Risk International, Int. I hosted a jewelry party December 2nd. I hope to do more as time goes on. They are a great organization. I found out about them through their boutique in Downtown Naperville before we moved in August.

Well that is most of it for now. Exciting things happening down here in Georgia!

Love to all of you!


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