Friday, October 12, 2012

Domestic Me

     In my time at home since arriving in Georgia, I have been trying to do more domestic things like cooking more often and also implementing a cleaning schedule. Well, I have found a VERY VERY yummy recipe and a wonderful cleaning schedule that does not stress me out, and keeps me out of my all or nothing mindset. I got both the recipe and the cleaning schedule from a dear friend and am very appreciative :)

     Now when I say this recipe is yummy, I kind of mean I have made it three times in the last 3 weeks ;)  So get ready for your tastebuds to receive an explosion of awesomeness! Ready? Here it is: 

The recipe is a bit spicy but I am not a spicy person and still love it! And the first time I made it I only had white vinegar and red wine vinegar and it still tasted amazing. And I have also not had the chives before too, and so the recipe is definitely flexible.

This is the cleaning schedule I have been following:

It's so much more enjoyable to clean the apartment without feeling the need to do it all at once. I have a tendency to avoid housework once it gets too overwhelming so this has been great! And it's pretty and polka-dotted...what could be better? 

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