Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hi all!
      I have decided to start blogging again. I hope to stick to it this time, but hey a girl's only human and life sometimes has other plans. But I do want to keep everyone I love updated on the daily goings on of my Lord loving, Army Wifey, 23 year old self. It will probably be a mix of a lot of things. Pictures, Ideas, Inspirations, Experiences, Recipes I've tried, Etc. So here we go!
     Andrew and I moved to Columbus, GA a little over a month ago. Definitely does not feel like that! We are still exploring and finding our way, it's a fun adventure! We moved into a lovely new apartment with beautiful grounds surrounding it. Which I especially love for walking our new puppy!
     Our new furry family member's name is Ellie. She is 4 months today, so Happy birthday to her! We found this adorable, loveable pup at PAWS Humane in Columbus. Andrew and I have been wanting a dog for a long time and feel so blessed to have this addition to our family. We arrived at our new apartment and were searching for a pup within a few hours. We knew we wanted a big dog. "A dog with some presence" is the way Andrew put it. :) Because we were adopting, we wanted to get a puppy rather than an adult dog, just because you never fully know their history. So we looked around and Ellie (Diamond was her PAWS given name) stole our hearts! We played and walked her and were pretty ready to take her home right then!
     We refrained and decided to at least make ourselves sleep on it. After all we had just arrived, with our stuff not even on it's way yet!  But we figured, an empty apartment, what else are we going to do? Let's get the puppy! She can settle into our new home with us!
     So now we are all three settled in (almost!) to our new home and loving it.

With Love,

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  1. She is absolutely darling! Love the story; I think it is adorable that you all had been there for approximately 5 seconds before going off to get a puppy! I know she brings you so much love and happiness. She is blessed to have you two as a forever family. xoxo!